Sunday, July 21, 2013

Testimonials from some fabulous authors!

Just wanted to share some amazing testimonials I've received the last few months. I truly enjoyed working with each and everyone of these authors and continue to interact with them on a regular basis. Thank you guys for promoting with me ;) Can't wait to do more with you in the future!

If you're interested in booking a Release Day Party or using my Multiple Author Street team, simply drop me an email at 

Thank you and happy writing! <3 ~Chelsea 

"Chelsea was very easy to work with and came through with what was promised. Her street team is very responsive, and I saw increases in sales, Likes, reviews, etc. Plus, her prices are reasonable." -Katya Armock

"Hiring Chelsea to help with street team promotion and release parties has to rank as one of the smartest decisions I've made this year. Not only is she a wonderful person and just plain fun, she is incredibly professional and organised. Within a short space of time my visibility had increased across multiple platforms and interaction on facebook (which I'd previously struggled with) was amazing! If you're struggling with promotion and getting yourself out there, then I highly recommend Chelsea."
-Mina Carter

"Chelsea Rafferty of Chelsea Author Promotions was able to exceed my expectations only three days into a two-week promotion service she provided. In that time, I saw such a tremendous boost to my outreach in each and every one of my promo pages (so much so that, even weeks later, I’m still seeing growth from the efforts). These achievements were made all the more astounding when I reflected not only on the special price I was offered, but the standard pricing for the services (to the point where I was compelled to articulate that I felt they were UNDERcharging their product). I would absolutely recommend anybody in the industry to make use of these services (though I’m hesitant to do so due to the boost in competition’s edge lol)."
-Nathan Squiers

"Chelsea author promotions really helped my pages gain outreach to an incredible level. Her and her groups were incredibly helpful and I noticed a substantial increase on my pages during her promotions and also continued after my promotion period was up. I would definitely suggest her to any author looking to gain more outreach and promotion on their pages and books!! I will definitely be going to her again!! Thank you so much, Chelsea Rafferty!"
-Megan J Parker

"Chelsea's promotion was a great help in increasing likes etc on many different social media sites. If you want to build your platform she can certainly help with that!"
-Jen Wylie

"As a debut author trying to navigate the social media marketing maze, working with Chelsea really upped my social media profile. She worked by targeting where I was weakest and in those areas I saw 80%+ growth rates. She also managed to get me some reviews, a nut I had not been able to crack on my own. She's a joy to work with and I can't recommend her more highly."
-Sabrina Garie

"My writer friend Jennifer James turned me on to Chelsea Author Promotions. I'm so glad she did, Chelsea has the best street team! I signed up for two weeks of promotion and saw relevant and notable increases in all areas - FB 'likes', Goodreads Friends, Amazon Author 'likes', Pinterest & Twitter followers. All the areas she gave a shout out to her teams on saw an increase, some over 100%. Plus she is super nice to work with and very reasonably priced. Very much looking forward to using her again!"
-Ellie Heller

"Using Chelsea's services was quick, easy, and streamlined. Not only did she provide me with statistical feedback regarding the promotion done, the reviewers she employs have translated into new readers who continue to interact with me. Working with Chelsea and her group is a breeze, and I look forward to scheduling a release day party with her in the future."
-Jennifer James

I noticed a huge bump in facebook likes, friends, and Goodreads. I would absolutely not only try your service again but I would refer you to friends! Thanks for all your help!
-Kerrigan Byrne

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would see such drastic improvements in visibility and activity from a particular campaign, but now I know. Put Chelsea and her fabulous team in charge of things and all will be wonderful! I saw such dramatic increases in every arena that she promised to focus on. I plan on using Chelsea and her amazing promotions team every chance I get!"
-Deena Remiel, Author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

"Chelsea Rafferty is an exceptional promoter. She not only puts her all into getting her authors front and center, she has a following that increases every single day. She is efficient and thorough and has a good understanding of what she needs to get her authors noticed. In addition to all that, I found her business ethic exceptional and her price for all the above, completely lower than most promoters."
-Claudy Conn

"The 1st rule in promotions for those hiring/doing is proven numbers. We want to SEE what works and doesn’t to know how better to spend our time and/or money.
Chelsea Author Promotions did just that. Proved the numbers by a detailed recount. But...wasn’t just her recount. I saw the numbers and spikes for myself. Her figures just came in handy for further review.
Would highly recommend her services."
-Bobbi Romans- Author of the Swamp Magic Series

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