Street Team With Reviews

Please note this service will be discontinued by July 2014. Review contacts will be available as a party add-on at a later date. Thanks! 

Listed below is an example of assignments I will give my multiple author street team. These assignments are based to promote you overall as an author and not just promote your book but to help you gain new followers and new audiences.
Each author will have different assignments assigned to them based on the info provided to me by each author.  For example some authors might not have their books listed on Smashwords and B&N so I wouldn't promote those sites for those authors. It will be tailored to suit each author’s personal needs. 

Examples of assignments (based on information author provides)
  • Following and Friending you on Facebook
  • Following you on Twitter
  • Following you on GFC
  • Following/friending you on Goodreads
  • Adding your book to their Goodreads list
  • Adding your book to their Shelfari shelf
  • Liking your Amazon Author Page
  • Liking your 4 & 5 Star reviews on the book you promote that week
  • Sharing your Amazon Book Link on Facebook (can’t promise this for erotic authors as some members might not read/feel comfortable with it but I have several friends who love erotic so I will share to my 1k+ personal friends)
  • Liking/Sharing your Barnes & Noble book link on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, facebook groups
  • Liking your Smashwords Book Link, and tweeting, pinning on pinterest, sharing on google+, and facebook groups
  • Liking your BAM (Books-A-Million) Book Link via Facebook, twitter, google +, and facebook groups
  • Liking your Kobo links and pinning
  • Lking your iTunes via facebook, twitter, google+, and facebook groups
  • Sharing of at least one teaser or new release or book  picture or book trailer via facebook, twitter, google+ and facebook groups (one max per author per week)
  • Reviewer Contacts

Please note that if you've signed up for a Week Promotion only I may not get to “all” of your social media links. There are quite a few out there. I focus on the bigger ones first and then move down the list.  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Sharing your Amazon book link, Liking your book pages on Smashwords, B&N, and BAM are some of the more important ones. I’ll do my best to get them all but it’s not always possible. Also, I do not have the time to message authors every single day to let them know which assignment we are currently working on everyday and if they've "done" the assignment that day. Folks check in everyday, every few days and I like to give them time to do them all. With promoting several authors everyday, every week in addition to review contacts, and release day parties I just do not have the time to check with you everyday. If at the end of the week you'd like to know what assignments we did "each" day I can inform you of the assignments we did everyday but I'm unable to do it everyday due to time constraints. I am only one woman ;)

If you have signed up to get Street Team Social Media promotion and reviewers I will get you in touch with readers who want to read your book.

If you're interested in signing up its $15 for the week and will go to my 40+ Street team members who are extremely active and like to stalk the authors even after their promotions have ended. They like and share your pages and try to pin you on pinterest and follow you wherever they can. If you saw the dedication of my team you'd be amazed.

Check out my other note on testimonials from authors who've already used this service to see for yourself.

If you're interested in Street Team with Review "contacts" the price is $35 for the week. 

Review Contacts are where I pass your book titles along with author name and or genre to my list of 65+ Reviewers and if they are interested in your book they will sign up to review your book.

I can't force the volunteers to definitely give a review, however I ask that if they do not review in a timely manner that you contact them to try and touch base. Sometimes email is funny and emails get lost. If you have no luck reaching them please contact me and I will do my best to contact them. If i cannot reach them I will ban them from my reviewers list because I want my list to be good reviewers but I need the authors to help me with that.

If interested email me at and please let me know if you are interested in Street Team for the week for $15 or if you are interested in Street Team with Review Contacts for $35. 

My Street Team works Monday through Sunday and then the new week starts on Monday. Gathering a list of people interested in your books can take up to 8 weeks to gather. I like to have a list of at least 5 review books to send out to the 65+ on my list. I also need time to gather each reviewers name, email, preferred ebook format and put it together in a nice format for each individual author. 

Looking forward to interacting and getting to know you better and to help you achieve your goals on reaching new audiences and new lifetime readers. Have a fantastic day.

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