Thursday, July 4, 2013


Thank you for checking out Chelsea Author Promotions. Please excuse the blog being messy. It literally just went live and I'm swamped with author promotions this week! 

If you'd like more information about what I do you can check out my Release Day Parties here: 

If you are interested in using my multiple author street team or getting more reviews for your books you can check out the "NOTE" section on Chelsea Author Promotions (upper right corner with the F icons). 

My Author Promotions Facebook page also has testimonials. All of the Facebook pages in the right corner are my own pages that I own. I listed them all so authors could get a feel for my outreach so to speak.

If you need me just drop me an email (upper right corner as well, the @ symbol) 

Fastest replies are via my CAP Facebook page or email. Thank you for being patient with me getting everything updated! I look forward to working with you all! ~Chelsea

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