Tuesday, July 30, 2013

~* 5 Stars for Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones *~

This is my first book by Miss Jones. After reading Escaping Reality I have to say that it will not be my last. It is hard to categorize the genre but I'd probably go with mystery, suspense, contemporary.

In the beginning we have Amy who is currently at a party for her job. She's socializing and the story immediately has your heart pounding when she heads into the bathroom. In the bathroom there is a note on the mirror with her name on it and the race is has begun again.

She runs into the stall to read the note. It is a note from her handler letting her know that if he can find her, then so can they. We don't know who they are. All we know is basically Amy is in a sort of witness protection type program. There's a special symbol that her handler uses and its on the bottom of the note. He tells her to leave immediately and to not go home but straight to the airport. There are keys to a locker there that have all the information she needs on her new again identity.

While she's at the airport her eyes connect and sizzle with a mysterious handsome stranger and she can't look away. The flight is booked and she might not get a chance to board this flight. She's not normally pushy but she's insistent to the flight attendant that it is a matter of emergency...she NEEDS to be on this plane. Luckily for her they get her on the flight and to boot she's been moved to first class...and you guessed it, right next to the handsome stranger she's connected with. His name is Liam and he makes her heart race. 

At this point she's trying to check out her "new" identity...Luckily its still her name Amy but a different last name. She knows nothing about her new self and in order to blend and hide she needs to know who she is and Liam is extremely curious. She manages to escape him at landing but then sees him again outside the airport with his car. Somehow he's beat her there and is insisting on driving her to her new home. 

I don't want to give too much away. But basically the story is a lot of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. If you are expecting a book to wrap up all loose ends at the end you'll be disappointed. This series leaves on a cliff hanger. A to be continued in the next book so to speak. I absolutely loved it and just like Amy I was confused on who I could and couldn't "trust" by the end. I'm literally dying for the next book at this point. I have my suspicions but I suck at the guessing game so I'm probably way off. 

If you like stories that will keep your heart pounding-where you feel you are the character you'll love this book by Lisa Renee Jones. I will be snatching up book 2 as soon as it becomes available as I have to know what happens to Amy. I want answers to my questions and I'm hoping in book 2 I will get the answers I've desperately been searching for. 

Give this book a try, you won't be disappointed!

This book was bought by me for the pure pleasure of reading and reviewing it. As you can tell, this review is my own and nothing influenced my review of this fantastic book. 

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