Multiple Day/Author Events

(Currently unavailable for Multi party/discount) Please check my Release Day Parties for pricing. 

Looking to book more than one release day party this year and looking to save some money at the same time? 

Book one of our Multiple Party Bundle. You pick whether you’d like a 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, or 5 day Event. 

These can be back to back OR spread out through one year. These can be for different novels for each party and authors are welcome to share their release day event with their author friends. Your "year" starts from the date of your first party. So if you book your first party for July 20th 2014 you'd have till July 20th 2015 to claim all of your parties. 

Please note when it says prizes needed that is for the ENTIRE event. We play games every 30 minutes so 2 prizes per hour are needed. For example if you booked a 2 hour 5 Day Event for each “event” I’d need 4 prizes, for a total of 20 prizes after your 5th event.

Every single package I offer on this page is at a discount. The 4 Day and 5 Day Events have the best discount.

Please note there are no refunds for these events at all. I will do my best to switch dates or extend dates in the event you don’t meet your writing deadline and need that extra time (even if its past the year mark).

Please email me at to reserve your first party. Please note all these parties are discounted so there will be limited availability so don’t wait to reserve your spot! 

Just let me know which party package you’re most interested in and a tentative date for your first party. I prefer 2-4 weeks to plan my events so let me know as soon as possible. 

I also ask for a mobi or pdf of your book 2 weeks before the party to help me create custom games around your book. If you do a 5 day event for 6 hours for a different book each time, I’ll need each book 2 weeks before your party.

2 hours- 2 Day Event (4 hours total/8 prizes needed) 
2 hours- 3 Day Event (6 hours total/12 prizes needed)
      2 hours-4 Day Event (8 hours total/16 prizes needed) 
     2 hours-5 Day Event (10 hours total/20 prizes needed)

ü 4 hours- 2 Day Event (8 hours total/16 prizes needed)
ü 4 hours- 3 Day Event (12 hours total/24 prizes needed)
ü 4 hours- 4 Day Event (16 hours total/32 prizes needed)
ü 4 hours-5 Day Event (20 hours total/40 prizes needed)

ü 6 hours- 2 Day Event (12 hours total/24 prizes needed)
ü 6 hours-3 Day Event (18 hours total/36 prizes needed)
ü 6 hours-4 Day Event (24 hours total/48 prizes needed)
ü 6 hours-5 Day Event (30 hours total/60 prizes needed)

ü 8 hours-2 Day Event (16 hours total/32 prizes needed)
ü 8 hours-3 Day Event (24 hours total/48 prizes needed)
ü 8 hours-4 Day Event (32 hours total/64 prizes needed)
ü 8 hours-5 Day Event (40 hours total/80 prizes needed)

Multiple Author Party Events

Bring yourself and as many author friends as you’d like to do a Multiple Author Event. The cost is $25 per author, with a minimum of 10 authors required. For every 10 authors the games/prizes for each author are left up till the next day. If you had 30 authors participating, this would be a 3 Day Event.

I will track your winners, put together the posts/graphics for the event and email all the info to the author who planned the event. Drop me an email at with the names/emails of the authors wanting to join your event.

If you don’t have enough author friends but would still like to participate in one of the several author events I put together each year, simply drop me an email and ask me to add you to my author mailing list for the Multiple Author Parties. 

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