Friday, January 3, 2014

Edge of Darkness by J.T. Geissinger

This is the first book I've picked up by J.T. Geissinger and I can promise you it wont be the last. I absolutely loved the paranormal world J.T. created. Instead of just regular old cat shifters you have Ikati and as with any species you have good apples and bad apples.  I loved the fact that I was able to pick up this book and follow right along with the series, even without having read the previous books. Authors who can pull that off are few and far between.

We have September Jones, who goes by Ember. She runs a little book shop that specializes in rare/unique/collectors books. Her father passed along the shop to her, which is also partially owned by a horrendous stepmother (who has two daughters) and yes those three definitely reminded me of Cinderella, except Ember luckily owns half the bookstore too, as well as living on her own so she's not dependent on this evil stepmother (whom I felt bad for near the end, but can't say more as I don't want to spoil it for anyone).
We also have a lot of side characters in the story, and I loved each and every one of them....good or had a variety of different people, which sprinkles the book with authenticity and makes it more believable. My favorite side characters are Asher (her gay best friend who lives across the hall), her landlord Dante, whom she helps teach English too and Dante's granddaughter Clare-whom is sick and I think teaches all the characters in the book about how precious time really is in life, whether its 5 minutes or a month that you have left to live.

Ember is a great character. Her emotions, thoughts just felt real to me. Don't get me wrong, she's not a perfect character (but then again who is?) but her emotional scares, her average looks, her quick mind against the hero Christian all made her a better character in my opinion. She's got secrets in the past, and we don't find out those secrets till much later in the book but it all came together beautifully. Honestly there is definitely some mystery, along with suspense in this series because you're sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what's going to expect one thing but it never turns out the way you expect it.

Then we have Christian, who's not all he seems to be... He's rich, exceedingly gorgeous, and after an extremely rare book which Ember does have. For some reason though Christian gets under her skin....his good looks, leaving women swooning all over her shop, and just this dangerous vibe about him that Ember does not understand at all. He's not good for her, in fact he should be steering way clear of her according to the laws of his people, the Ikati. He is in Spain for one reason, one mission only...but he can't help himself, his shifter side and his man side want/need Ember and after trying to stay away, he stops fighting the attraction and brings Ember into his dark and very dangerous world.

Both characters are great for each other. Ember is emotionally broken, she won't open up to anyone (not even her gay best friend Asher, so you know that's some major baggage). Christian doesn't expect to get out of Spain alive, so he has no business falling for anyone, much less a human woman. But Fate has a funny way of stepping in and slowly using her hammer to crack away at our defenses when we least expect it. And if she knocks hard enough, eventually that bubble of protection we place around ourselves is going to crack, and then shatter.

I love books that can keep and hold my attention. Good editing, great story telling will keep me turning a books pages well into the night (when I should be sleeping!) and that's how I can always tell a great author from just an OK or Good author. Miss J.T. definitely falls into the great author if the clock on my computer is anything to go by.

If you like shifter books, some action/suspense/mystery and like different legends for shifters (instead of the usual) you should give this book a try. Though I'd recommend starting with book one (which I'll also be doing) because I want to know more about this world and Ikati's.

This book was given to me in turn for an honest review. It did not affect my opinions or ratings, which are strictly my own.

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I also want to thank the amazing readers and authors that attended this event. As most of you know I normally do parties for individual authors and its normally a 4-6 hour event, focused on just that author ;)

This was actually my "first" Multi-Author Bash and it wouldn't have been such a raging success without all the author and reader participation!

The best part about my job is getting to connect readers to "new to them" authors and vice versa for the authors. Believe me, as readers we are invaluable to those authors.

I appreciate your enthusiasm of the event and sharing it with your friends, more than I could ever tell you online.

Just know that you all make my day, every single day!

The reader comments about how much fun they are having? Make me smile!

When an author emails me and tells me I came highly recommended to them? Makes my day!

So thank you authors and readers for making this such a fun event! Join the next party down below, we've already got over 20 authors signed up already! ;)

This event was such a success that we have had almost 3k in hits on this blog just this month! How amazing is that?!