Monday, April 21, 2014

Winners from our Multi Author Easter Egg Hunt!

Winners you need to fill out the google contact form below. 

Please note its not always mobile friendly so find a computer or have a friend claim for you if you are having issues. :)

You need to claim by 6pm EST Thursday the 24th as this form will close then.


Please make sure you've thanked all the authors, especially on their facebook pages. Like them/follow them because when they get a good response they'll want to party with us again and we all love parties right? :) 


1. Ann Hunter 

Winner’s choice of any kindle copy (kindle not required, just amazon account/kindle app so I can gift) of any of my books released in 2014: Charilene Lucas

2. Jeana E Mann 

$10 Amazon gift card: Cindy Kruger-Wilson
autographed paperback copy of Intoxicated: Heather Moss

3. Inge-Lise Goss 

kindle ebook of The Tegen Cave: Ann Archambault Waters
Amazon $5 Gift card: Laura Dogsmom

4. Chelsea O'Neal 

PDF of Zoku’s Hope (International): Destiny Wright
Book thong (US only) PDF of Zoku’s Hope (International): Margaret Hughes

5. Gwen Knight 

A Hunter’s Passion Mug: Helly Kasprzak
1 bracelet (Duty Be Damned one side) (Gwen Knight other side): Myra Laird

6. Conny Conway 

Kindle version of Never-ending Dream: Charlene Zall Capodice
$5 Amazon Gift Card: Neena Christianson Martin

7. Ginger Sharp 

Ecopy of Must Wait: Samantha Bull 
Ecopy of Lost Her: Chris Lewis

8. Lorrie Farrelly 

An ebook (Kindle) copy of TERMS OF TEMPTATION: Brandi Dagwan

9. HD Smith 

eBook of Dark Hope & $5 Amazon Gift Card: Vanessa Primer
eBook of Dark Hope & $5 Amazon Gift Card: Daphne Monaco

10. J.C. Valentine 

An ebook of Knockout and a $5 gift card: Kelly Langford

11. Mya 

Author Swag Pack One – Keychain and signed print copy of A Guardian’s Desire: Serena Rodriguez
Mya Swag Pack Two- Keychain – Bracelet- signed print copy of A Guardian’s Desire & a Wolf Plushie: Negar Arvanaghi

12. Jenna Galicki 

The Prince of Punk Rock Swag Pack:  Pua H Pereira
$5 Amazon GC: Thelma Lewis

13. Krystal Shannan 

$5 Amazon Gift Card: Negar Arvanaghi

14. Brea Behn 
$10 Amazon Card (caption contest): Tiffany Reader
$10 Amazon Card:  Jennifer Staton Tabler

Day 2 Winners: This will be sometime Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. I will post here and on the event page itself when I have the winners. Please be patient as its only me running the entire event and though I like to tease that I'm super woman, I'm really not :) 

Make sure you fill out the google contact form above. If you have issues, ask a friend 

to fill it out for you...the link is live and working but firewalls/mobiles etc might cause 

an issue. ;) 

Make sure you've joined our HEAT IT UP Party coming up in May! ;) 

DAY 2 


1. Angie Martin 

ebook copy of Conduit (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats are available): Renata Sbr
ebook copy of False Security (PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats are available): Sally Fryman Wagoner

2. Sharon Hamilton 

Cruisin’ For A SEAL (Winner’s Choice: print, Kindle or poster signed by Jimmy Thomas (cover model) – not all 3): Destiny Wright

Audio book of any of first 4 of my SEAL Brotherhood series: Kimberly Talbot 

3. Sharla Lovelace 

Ecopy of DON’T LET GO:  Rowena O'Sullivan
$10 Amazon card: Kelsey Dobbins 

4. Natalie-Nicole Bates 

$5 Amazon gift card: Laura Dogsmom
$5 Amazon gift card: Pua H Pereira

5. Crystal Dawn 

smashwords ebook copy of Jericho-The Strong Pack and Zeus-Frozen Origin: Amanda Powell Vinson
smashwords ebook copy of Evry Night and Zeus-frozen Origin: Tammy Turner 

6. Jolie Du Pre 

Dashboard Zombie for your car or desk: Margaret Hughes 

7. Jennah Scott 

Swag and ebook of backlist (US only): Mellena Driver
$5 gift card to the e-book retailer of their choice: Lenna Wright- Berry 

8. Amy Gregory 

Ebook copy of Mike’s Way Back & Gabby Revealed: Debbie Saraceni

9. Shawna C. Jones 

$10.00 amazon gift card: Kelly Langford
$10.00 amazon gift card: Donna Reynolds

10. Shakuita Johnson 

Set Ebooks of Dark Indiscretions and Dark Indiscretions: Monster Unleashed: Charilene Lucas
Signed Dark Indiscretions postcard and keychain: Stacey Wood

11. Lisa Beth Darling 

E-book copy of "Women of War": Cindy Kruger-Wilson
E-book copy "The Heart of War": Stephanie A. Hook Allen

12. Chris Birdy 

Kindle download of The Girl in White Pajamas: Charilene Lucas

Kindle download of The Girl in White Pajamas: Michelle Hart

13. Cari Quinn 

US only – Signed book (choice of Shadowboxer, Seduced, No Flowers Required or Need Me), Cari Quinn swag and a special surprise pack that could contain anything from Cari’s prize closet: Debbie Saraceni

International - An ebook copy of Protecting His Assets and one other ebook of Cari Quinn’s, winner’s choice: Ann Archambault Waters

14. Alexandra Anthony 

eBook copy of Divine: Jennifer Pierson
eBook copy of Divine: Jessica Watts


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    1. I'm in Chrome on the laptop, but will switch to the PC, thanks again!

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    1. Thanks for joining! :) Hope you had a great time!

  4. Thanks again for being an awesome hostess!

    1. Margaret, its truly my pleasure hon! Its fun for you guys because you get to find new reads and authors...but even as the hostess I still manage to find new reads myself which is amazing! :)

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