Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Winners you need to fill out this google contact form BY March 23rd at midnight at the latest ;) It takes me a few days to get it together so try to fill it out ASAP.

Google Contact Form:
Mobile users you might have issues, I suggest clicking the link from your computer to claim or you can try this link:

Thank you! 

Please don't forget to thank your authors for their amazing donations and time spent hanging out with us at the event! When events like this become a success, authors tend to want to participate in future bashes with us ;) 

I'm also doing a Multiple Author EASTER EGG HUNT Party next month :) If you guys would like to attend that event just click JOIN and please invite your reader/author friends alike! ;) Thanks

AUTHOR EASTER EGG HUNT Multiple author Party:

If you' like to see what other Release Day Parties I'm hosting you can join those here:

If you bookmark that link you can check that link anytime and as new parties are added that list will be accurate! :) I'd love if you joined them all! 


Nina G. Jones 
  • $3 Amazon Gift CardNick Kmita
  • $3 Amazon Gift CardTerri Hubbard Carle

Jordan Deen 

  • eBook of 'Breaking Lauren': Yolanda Gamble
  • eBook of 'Breaking Lauren': Debbie Saraceni
  • $5 Amazon GC: Karey Smith

Maureen O. Betita 
  • Kindle copy of The Spanish Challenge, Book 6 of Forever A Pirate: Yolanda Gamble

Cari Quinn

  • Ebook bundle of Seduced and one other ebook of mine of winner's choice: Destiny Wright
  • 2 ebooks of mine of winner's choice: Kelsey Dobbins
  • A signed copy of Shadowboxer plus Cari Quinn swag (US and international): Chelsea Foust
  • A signed copy of No Flowers Required, a $10 iTunes gift card and author swag (US only): Kate Cobb

M. Clarke 
  • Ebook of Something Wonderful (Book #2): Michelle Turner

Gwen Knight 
  • Bite Me Choker Necklace: Michelle Thomas
  • Luck o' the Irish Bracelet:Iliana Gkioni 
  • Shamrock Infinity Bracelet: Mary Taylor Ansley

Sharon Hamilton 

  • Audio Books 1-4: Heather Moss
  • Kindle version Books 1-5: Kelly Langford
  • Audio book, 1-4: Terri Hubbard Carle
  • Kindle Book 1-5: Barbara Khoshkho

 Claudy Conn 
  • $15 amazon gift card: Obsessive Glider
  • $10 amazon gift card: Kelsey Dobbins

 Jodi Vaughn 

  • Signed copy of Veiled Secrets international: Cody Smith-Candelaria
  • author tee shirt: Julie Beasley
  • author postcard/ pen/decal: Sara Prusinski

RE Sheahan 

  • Signed copy of Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice- US: Ann Archambault Waters
  • E-Book of Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice-International: Michelle Turner
  • Signed Galley Proof of Storm of Arranon Allies and Enemies-US: Kathy Osborn
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card: Margaret Hughes

Catherine Wolffe 

  • An ebook copy of Casey's Gunslinger: Sara Prusinski
  • An ebook copy of Casey's Gunslinger: Margaret Hughes
  • An ebook copy of Casey's Gunslinger: Cody Smith-Candelaria
  • An ebook copy of Casey's Gunslinger: Kristy Jewell

Inge-Lise Goss 
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card: Neena Christianson Martin
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card: Thelma Lewis
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card: Rhonda Brittingham

DAY 2 

J.C Valentine 
  • (US) 1 Signed Paperback of Knockout -OR- (International) 1 eBook of Knockout upon release: Kathy Osborn

Shakuita Johnson 

  • ARC of Dark Indiscretions: Monster Unleashed: Charmaine Panteli
  • Signed Postcard: Yolanda Gamble
  • Ebook Dark Indiscretions: Vanessa Strickler

Jolie Du Pre 
  • Dashboard Zombie: Inge-Lise Goss

Normandie Alleman 
  • $5 Amazon or Nook Gift Card: Tanya Guthrie
  • Ebook from Author's backlist, winner's choice: Yolanda Gamble
  • $5 Amazon or Nook gift card: Karey Smith

R.E. Butler 
  • Betsy Johnson Stationary Set, Hand-carved wolf-shaped soap, and ribbon bookmark (US ONLY): Karey Smith
  • Audiobook of Wolf's Mate Book One and eBook of choice from backlist (US & INTL): Tammy Turner
  • Entire eBook set of Wolf's Mate series (1 through 6) (US & INTL): Stephanie A. Hook Allen

Natalie-Nicole Bates 
  • Awesome swag pack: Stracey Charran
  • $5 Amazon gift card: Tanya Guthrie
  • Fabulous swag pack: Margaret Hughes
  • $5 Amazon gift card:  Jennifer Pierson

Chelsea O’Neal 
  • $5 dollar Amazon gift card (International): Debbie Saraceni
  • PDF of Juniper's Princess (International): Jennifer Pierson
  • PDF of Juniper's Princess (International)Cody Smith-Candelaria
  • Signed paperback of Juniper's Princess (US): Kelsey Dobbins

Leslie D. Soule 
  • Ebook copy of Forgetting Fallenwood, and a signed Fallenwood postcard: Ann Archambault Waters

LR Potter 
  • Blood Haze E-book: Heather Moss

Skylar Kade  

  • $5 Amazon or B&N gift card: Kathy Osborn
  • $5 Amazon or B&N gift card: Stracey Charran

Ginger Sharp 
  • Ebook of Lost Her (Lost #1) by Ginger Sharp International: Thelma Lewis
  • Ebook of Must Wait by Ginger Sharp International: Pua H Pereira
  • Ebook of Lost Her (Lost #1) by Ginger Sharp International: Ann Archambault Waters
  • Ebook of Must Wait by Ginger Sharp International: Mary Anne Landers

Ember Shane 

  • Of Royal Descent paperback version: Kelsey Dobbins
  • Of Royal Descent ebook version through Amazon: Megan Manley

HD Smith 
  • eBook of Dark Hope by HD Smith + $5 Amazon Gift Card: Yolanda Gamble
  • eBook of Dark Hope by HD Smith + $5 Amazon Gift Card: Alisha Frias

DAY 3 

Dahlia DeWinters 
  • US - Purse/Pocket Kit: pen, lip balm, notepad. Int: $5.00 Amazon Gift Card: Jessica Lynn Leonard 
  • US/International: E-Book - Loving Among the Dead OR any backlist book: Donna Reynolds
  • US: Zombie Survival Kit Int: $10.00 Gift Card to Amazon: Pua H Pereira

Krystal Shannan 
  • US or INT - ebook (from Krystal’s backlist): Debbie Saraceni
  • US or INT - ebook (from Krystal’s backlist): Tanya Guthrie
  • US or INT - ebook (from Krystal’s backlist): Marie Mattingly Woods
  • US or INT - ebook (from Krystal’s backlist): Iliana Gkioni

Gerald Darnell 
  • Epub copy of Concrete Jungle: Alisha Frias
  • Copy of Latest Book - Reelfoot: Yolanda Gamble

Elle Aycart 

  • Ebook copy of Deep Down: Nucking Futs Chel
  • $5 Amazon Gift Card: Kelsey Dobbins
  • Ebook copy of Deep Down: Thelma Lewis
  • Ebook copy from the Bowen series, winner's choice: Margaret Hughes

C.J. Pinard 

  • Signed paperback of Tour of Duty: Michelle Turner
  • Ebook of Tour of Duty: Zach Chitwood

Jeana E. Mann 

  • $10 amazon gift card: Deborah Close
  • Autographed copy of Intoxicated: Neena Christianson Martin

Lena Hart 
  •  Autographed Print Copy of BECAUSE THIS IS FOREVER (US): Margaret Hughes

Ciara Knight 

  • Free e-copy of Weighted: Stephanie A. Hook Allen
  • $10.00 Amazon Gift Card: Kelsey Dobbins
  • Signed Pendulum Poster (Int'l free e-book): Charmaine Panteli
  • Escapement Bottle Top Necklace (Int'l free e-book): Alisha Frias

Jenna Galicki 

  • $2.99 amazon gc: Jennifer Pierson
  • $5 Amazon GC: Inge-Lise Goss

Julie Prestsater 
  • ebook copy of Without You: Kathy Osborn
  • US only: Without You swag pack: Karey Smith

E.V. Fairfall

  • One signed paperback copy of Transformed U.S. only: Myra Laird

Karen Swart 

  • $10 Amazon GC - open inter: Yolanda Gamble
  • E-Book of Kasadya Hellhound Awakened - open inter: Cody Smith-Candelaria
  • E-book Set of Kasadya Hellhound Series- open inter: Tammy Turner
  • E-book Set of Kasadya Hellhound Series- open inter: Karey Smith

Michelle O’Leary 

  • PDF of The Third Sign: Tanya Guthrie
  • PDF of Light of Kaska: Julie Beasley
  • PDF of No Such Thing: Iliana Gkioni


  1. Thank you, Chelsea and authors! Congratulations, fellow readers! Looking forward to upcoming events. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Inge, Ginger and Chelsea:) really enjoying the pinch me bash:)

  3. Thanks to all the authors for participating and all the great prizes donated for the games. Thanks to Chelsea for giving us such fun way to meet all these authors!

  4. Thank you, Chelsea! And congratulations to all the winners!

  5. Just wanted to thank Chelsea and all of the fabulous authors. really enjoyed the pinch me bash:)

  6. Thank you again Chelsea for another fun event! Congrats to all the winners and I so look forward to the next event :D

  7. Thank you for an amazing party Chelsea and Congrats to all the winners and a Big Thank you to all you amazing authors!

  8. Thanks again Chelsea for a great party! And thanks to all the great authors who participated! Lots of fun!