Sunday, April 17, 2016

~* Paranormal Princes & Princesses Party Winners *~

Hi guys! Thank you so much for participating in the Paranormal Princes and Princesses of the Literary World party on Facebook!

Winners are listed below and can claim their prizes by CLICKING HERE

Winners have only 2 DAYS to claim their prizes or they forfeit the prizes they've won. The claim form will close at midnight on April 19th.

Please join our next Multi author, themed day Facebook event here: Next Party HERE

Big special thanks to the authors & readers who participated in this event! These events wouldn't be the same without you. Remember winners can win multiple times at my parties so make sure you are commenting on all the authors to increase your chances. If you commented on at least 5 authors posts and followed directions for separate comments per way you followed and you did NOT win drop me a message on facebook and let me know which authors posts you commented on and I'll make sure you get a prize ;)

                                                        DAY 1 AUTHORS

Belinda Meyers

PRIZE #1 (international) Either: An e-copy of Bear Run for pre-order
Winner: Ashley Martinez

Rosalie Redd

PRIZE #1 e-book copy of Unforgettable Lover . International or US
Winner: Alisha Frias
PRIZE #2 e-book copy of Untouchable Lover – international or US
Winner: Samantha Lundergn

Shane North

PRIZE #1 (international) Amazon $10 gift card
Winner: Ashley Martinez
PRIZE #2 (international) Amazon $10 gift card
Winner: Pernella Rodriguez
PRIZE #3 (international) Amazon $5 gift card
Winner: Yvonne Davies
PRIZE #4 (international) Amazon $5 gift card
Winner: Cherri-Anne Boitson

Annie Nicholas

PRIZE #1 (international) Winner’s choice of ebook from my backlist
Winner: Barbara Hopkins
PRIZE #2 (international) Whole series of Vanguard series
Winner: Sydney Leffler Hopke

Crystal Dawn

PRIZE #1 (international) Ebook of Masked Desire by Crystal Dawn
Winner: Kaylee Ridgeway
PRIZE #2 (international) Ebook of Evry Night by Crystal Dawn
Winner: Dakota Palmer
PRIZE #3 (international) Ebook Too Blue by Crystal Dawn
Winner: Ashley Martinez
PRIZE #4 (international) $5 AGC (International readers can convert these for use on their Amazons)
Winner: Sherrie Watts Messier

Colleen Myers

PRIZE #1 $5 Amazon gift card (international)
Winner: Heather Andrews
PRIZE #2 $5 Amazon gift card (international)
Winner: Barbara Hopkins

Taige Crenshaw

PRIZE #1 (international) All Romance Ebook –$ 10 ebooks bucks!
Winner: Esther Gerdzen

Missy Welsh

PRIZE #1 One (1) random winner will receive an ebook copy of ISHERWOOD and companion short YOURS FOREVER in mobi or epub format.
Winner: Kaylee Ridgeway

E.A. Copen

PRIZE #1 (international) E-book of Guilty by Association
Winner: Pernella Rodriguez
PRIZE #2 (US only) $5 amazon digital gift card (INT can play if you can accept a gift card)
Winner: Bruce Coplin Duawana Wilson

TF Walsh

PRIZE #1 (international) ebook copy of Cloaked in Secrecy
Winner: Kaylee Ridgeway
PRIZE #2 (international) $5 Amazon Gift Card
Winner: Susan Caputo Finan

Beverly Ovalle

PRIZE #1 (international) ebook of Dragons’ Mate
Winner: Samantha Lundergn
PRIZE #2 (international) Ecopy of Stealing Hope
Winner: Barbara Hopkins
PRIZE #3 (international) $5 gift card to your choice of Amazon/B&N/Kobo/Apple
Winner: Cherri-Anne Boitson
PRIZE #4 (international) SWAG (both-US and international will vary due to shipping rates)
Winner: Sarah Ramsy

Alexis Dare

PRIZE #1 $20 Amazon GC (US) (INT is okay if you can accept gift card)
Winner: Viki King-Pazdur
PRIZE #2 Free copy of Stalked: Witchy Wolf Book 1 (international) Jolanda Love

Bonnie Gill

PRIZE #1 (international) $5.00 Amazon gift card
Winner: Elizabeth Wood-Noel
PRIZE #2 (international) $5.00 Amazon Gift Card
Winner: Miranda Bly
PRIZE #3 (international) $5.00 Amazon Gift Card
Winner: Cody Smith-Candelaria

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