Thursday, June 26, 2014

Winners from our Heat it Up Multiple Author Party!

Thank you so much for joining our most recent party! I hope you guys had a great time with the authors.

Winners you have until 6pm on 6/29/14 to fill out the google contact form listed below. Mobile/Tablet users might have issues, please use a computer to claim your prize or have a friend do it for you on a PC :)

Claim here:

Separate entry for more than 1 prize won! 

Authors I'll start working on these on Monday and as soon as I have all the authors completed, I email all the authors at the same time. 

Thank you again and onto the prizes! :) 


J.C. Valentine 

PRIZE #1 (international) Author swag pack Winner: Ann Ivey

PRIZE #2 ebook of choice up to $4.99: Neena Christianson Martin

Inge-Lise Goss


Ebook of The Cost of Crude: Jennifer Santiago

PRIZE #2 $5 Amazon GC : Mary Anne Landers

Shawna C. Jones

PRIZE #1 International $5.00 Amazon gift card: Neena Christianson Martin

PRIZE #2 International $5.00 Amazon gift card: Pam Mandigo 

PRIZE #3 International $5.00 Amazon gift card: trista book obsessed baldwin

PRIZE #4 International $5.00 Amazon gift card: Ashley Erin Turner

R.E. Butler

PRIZE #1 US: Flipflop ribbon bookmark, beach tote, beach towel, signed book of The Alpha’s Heart
INTL: $10 Amazon or B&N Gift Card: 
Kelly Fallon Sloane

PRIZE #2 US/INTL: eBooks of Wilde Creek One and Two: Mellena Driver 

US: Flipflop ribbon bookmark, stationery set INTL: Any ebook from my catalog: 
Heather Andrews

Gladys Quintal 

PRIZE #1 A Dream Series pen and signed bookmark. (International): Renata Sbr

All 5 eBooks in The Dream Series: 
Stephanie A. Hook Allen

Terri Osburn

PRIZE #1 $10 Amazon gift card (International): Kim T. M Hall

PRIZE #2 Kindle copy of HOME TO STAY (International): Margaret Hughes

Tara Quan

PRIZE #1 (international/electronic) – 1 copy of More Than Strangers, my other contemporary romance (in your preferred electronic format) : Roxie Ferguson

PRIZE #2 (international/electronic) - 1 copy of Tower in the Woods, Undead Fairy Tales 1 (in your preferred electronic format): Karey Smith 

PRIZE #3 (international/electronic) – 1 copy of Catching Red, Undead Fairy Tales 2 (in your preferred electronic format): Fang Tastic

Angie Martin

PRIZE #1 International, ebook copies of Conduit (PDF, EPUB or MOBI): Ashley Erin Turner

PRIZE #2 US only: One signed paperback copy of Conduit

International: 1 ebook of Conduit instead (PDF, Epub, or Mobi): Margaret Hughes

Emma Payne

PRIZE #1 International, ebook of The Club (mobi, epub, or pdf): Tanya Guthrie

International, ebook of The Club (mobi, epub, or pdf): 
Jolanda LovestoRead

K.R. Thompson

PRIZE #1 ebook of Hidden Moon: Kelsey Dobbins

PRIZE #2 ebook of Hidden Moon: Charilene Lucas


Jeana E. Mann 

PRIZE #1 signed paperback of Intoxicated (international ok) Christy Hilton-Hall 
PRIZE #2 $10 amazon gift card (US): Kelly Fallon Sloane

Chris Birdy 

Prize #1: A “Girl in White Pajamas” coffee mug or for International guests, a free kindle download of “The Girl in White Pajamas”: Kelly Smith

Prize #2: Signed copy of the book (US) or free kindle download for international: Dawn Trepczyk

Ann Hunter 

e-copy ARC of Fallen when completed—English version, international: Charilene Lucas

Crystal Dawn 

PRIZE #1 Int.Smashwords copy Evry Night (Cousin of the Moon Series): Debbie Saraceni
PRIZE #2 Smashwords copy of Too Blue (Blue Moon Pack Series)Cathy Chandler
PRIZE #3 Smashwords copy of The McDougal Pack Alpha (Keepers of the Land Series)Sydney Leffler Hopke
PRIZE #4 $5 paypal or Amazon gift code: Thelma Lewis

Natalie-Nicole Bates 

PRIZE #1 $5 Amazon gift card (Int): April Warren
PRIZE #2 $5 Amazon gift card (Int): Michelle Mauer
PRIZE #3 $5 Amazon gift card (Int): Destiny Reads Wright
PRIZE #4 $5 Amazon gift card (Int): Kelsey Dobbins

Gwen Knight 

PRIZE #1 (International) $5.00 Amazon Gift Card: Missie Jones
PRIZE #2 (International) $5.00 Amazon Gift Card: Amy Smith Bostelman
PRIZE #3 U.S. winner – a kindle eBook copy of A Hunter’s Passion: Judith D. Plis
International: $5.00 Amazon Gift Card: Iliana Gkioni

Coreene Callahan 

** Three (3) winners to be picked randomly—e-book copy of FURY OF FATE (a Dragonfury Short Story)

Alisha Frias
Pua H Pereira
Donna Worthington

Chelsea O’Neal 

PRIZE #1 Ebook of Zoku’s Hope (International & US): Ann Ivey 
PRIZE #2  Ebook of Zoku’s Hope (International & US): Cody Smith-Candelaria
PRIZE #3 Ebook of Zoku’s Hope (International & US): Iliana Gkioni 

Cari Quinn

PRIZE #1 international ebook of choice from Cari Quinn’s backlist: Dawn Trepczyk
PRIZE #2 ebook of choice from Cari Quinn’s backlist: Lisa George
PRIZE #3 ebook of choice from Cari Quinn’s backlist: Missie Jones 
PRIZE #4 US only Special package from Cari Quinn’s prize closet! Can include a signed book, mug, tote and/or other fun goodies, plus author swag! Karey Smith

Arlene Lagos 

PRIZE #1 US only (alternate prize is an ecopy of the book for international)
An 18-month wall calendar featuring photos from “The Butterfly Project”: Charilene Lucas


Brea Behn

Signed copy of Wolves in the Woods (International): Charilene Lucas

Loralie Hall

PRIZE #1: $5 Amazon GC and a Uriel’s Fall swag pack (bookmark, postcards, buttons, and more: Pua H Pereira
PRIZE #2: $5 Amazon GC and a Uriel’s Fall swag pack (bookmark, postcards, buttons, and more: Ashley Reader Granger

Allyson Lindt 

PRIZE #1 US $5 Amazon GC and a print copy of my 4-book Bits & Bytes series
International $5 Amazon GC instead: Cody Smith-Candelaria 

PRIZE #1 US $5 Amazon GC and a print copy of my 4-book Bits & Bytes series
International $5 Amazon GC instead: Katrina O'Brien

Normandie Alleman

PRIZE #1 US and INT eBook from author’s backlist: Sally Fryman Wagoner
PRIZE #2 US and INT $5 Amazon GC: Iliana Gkioni 
PRIZE #3 US and INT eBook from author’s backlist: Amy Smith Bostelman

Krystal Shannan 

PRIZE #1 awesome swag and a surprise gift from Stone Soup Designs
Open to INT & US: Sarah Brackett 
PRIZE #2 awesome swag and a surprise gift from Stone Soup Designs
Open to INT & US: Margaret Hughes

PM Briede

PRIZE #1 eBook of Smoldering Embers: Debbie Saraceni 
PRIZE #2 $10 Amazon Gift (international): Kelsey Dobbins

Robin Nadler 
PRIZE #1 Both international or US The first 3 books in the Family by Choice series (ebook format) Nothing Matters, If Only, Love Endures: Vanessa Primer

PRIZE #2 US only- Signed print copy of Nothing Matters and If Only: Ashley Erin Turner

PRIZE #3 Us Only- a signed copy of Broken as well as my yet to be released novel Perfectly Imperfect:Tracey Moore Presley

SM Lynn

PRIZE #1 international, e-book copy of Out of the Ashes: Negar Arvanaghi
PRIZE #2 $5 Amazon Gift Card: Vanessa Primer
PRIZE #3 International – ebook copy of Out of the Ashes: Sally Fryman Wagoner


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